Tobacco-Free Living

The Tobacco-Free Living group develops and expands public support for system changes that transform community values around tobacco. Tobacco is a leading cause of death in Douglas County. We provide oversight to, and collaborate with, the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department to support tobacco control and prevention efforts through the Chronic Disease Risk Reduction program funded through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment offers a free online training for health care providers on ways to help their patients quit tobacco. The course follows best practice guidelines for health care providers to help patients quit tobacco and can be used by a wide range of health care providers, including doctors, nurses, front office staff, dentists and dental hygienists. 

For more information about joining, go to Get Involved.

Work Group Leadership

  • Chair: Allison Koonce, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
  • Past Chair: Krista Machado, DCCCA
  • Communication Coordinator: Laura McCulloch, Lawrence-Douglas Public Health Department