Sexual Violence Prevention

The Sexual Violence Prevention Work Group with support from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, was formed to conduct a community assessment of risk and protective factors related to sexual violence in Lawrence, Kansas.

This assessment presented data regarding risk and protective factors related to sexual violence from local, state and national health agencies, as well as from a community survey. The assessment specifically explored risk and protective factors of community support and connectedness, community perceptions of violence, and harmful gender stereotypes about sexual violence, specifically rape myths.

The Work Group supports efforts to:

  • Identify key risk factors for sexual violence prioritized for action including:
    • Gender pay gap/ income inequality
    • Poverty
    • High rates of residents experiencing severe  housing cost burden
    • High alcohol outlet density

Recent Workgroup Accomplishments

Sexual Violence Prevention efforts supported the development and implementation of a new SafeBar Alliance curriculum, as well as working with the City of Lawrence and other partners to work on ways to ensure affordable housing policy prohibits discriminatory practices.

LiveWell Annual Celebration Breakfast Awards

As part of its annual celebration, on Friday, November 19, 2022 the LiveWell Douglas County coalition awarded Culture of Health Action Awards to both coalition members and community partners whose efforts have helped improve the health and well-being of Douglas County residents.

LiveWell’s Sexual Violence Prevention Work Group recognized Katie Barnett. Katie has been integrally involved in mobilizing the work of the Work Group and advancing equitable housing policies.

Work Group Leadership

  1. Healthy Food for All 2023 Culture of Health Champion

    The 2023 LiveWell Healthy Food for All Culture of Health Champion is Emily Lysen. Read on...
  2. SVP 2023 Culture of Health Champion

    The 2023 LiveWell Douglas County Sexual Violence Prevention Culture of Health Champion is Margot Self. Margot serves as the community advocacy program manager in Douglas County at the Willow Domestic Violence Center. Read on...
  3. Celebrating Partnerships and Better Health in Douglas County

    LiveWell Douglas County and the Douglas County Community Foundation gathered to celebrate community partners working to improve health and well-being in Douglas County on November 17, 2023. Read on...
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