About LiveWell Douglas County

  1. History & Mission
  2. What is LiveWell?


The LiveWell Lawrence initiative began in 2008 when the Kansas Health Foundation issued an invitation to several Kansas communities to apply for funds to address 2 drivers of chronic disease: poor diet and physical inactivity. The Douglas County Community Foundation applied on behalf of our community and received funding.

Since then, a coalition of community leaders has developed several approaches which, taken together, may begin to nudge residents toward healthier futures. The approaches aim to change everyday places - neighborhoods, schools, after-school programs, workplaces, restaurants, and city streets - into environments where people thrive.

In 2012, the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department was selected to provide coordinating services for LiveWell.

In 2018, the coalition changed its name to LiveWell Douglas County with a new mission to help build communities where everyone can thrive in Douglas County. "LiveWell is committed to being a more inclusive coalition, not just by expanding our geographic reach from Lawrence to Douglas County, but by doing a better job of listening to community needs and supporting communities impacted by health inequities."


Communities where we all thrive.


Leading a movement to build communities that support the health and well-being of all.