Healthy Food For All

The LiveWell Healthy Food For All Work Group supports policy and system changes to enhance access to healthy foods in Douglas County. The work group welcomes participation from a diverse group of individuals and organizations interested in and affected by food insecurity in Douglas County.

We all know that having a nutritious diet promotes health and prevents disease. Evidence suggests, however, that very few Douglas County residents are able to eat an optimal diet. Fewer than 1 in 5 residents, regularly consume the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables. The reason? For many, the answer is affordability and availability. We’re working to change that through collaboration with local food pantries, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, local food growers and businesses. We want to develop systems that make fresh, healthy food more accessible to families.

Our goal is to ensure residents of Douglas County have quality and consistent access to healthy foods. We 

support local efforts to increase and advocate for improved SNAP benefits, ensure adequate transportation to food access points, grow Hunger and Health initiatives to enhance integration of social

services and health care, increase fruit and vegetable consumption for all residents of Douglas

County, and support local growers through community gardens, farmers markets, and education about growing your own food.

To achieve our goals we are working together to:
1. Reduce the overall household food 
insecurity rate in Douglas County,
2. Remove barriers to and strengthening public food assistance programs, 
3. Increasing the number of Douglas County children who have access to fruits and vegetables throughout the day,
4. Advocating for improved public transportation to ensure residents without access to personal vehicles have access to health food, and 
5. Support increasing equity in the Common Ground program and land.

For more information about joining, go to Get Involved.

Work Group Leadership

  • Chair: Jessica Cooney, Just Food
  • Communications Coordinator: Michaela Cantrell, Just Food
  • Past co-chair: Ryan Bowersox, Just Food