Healthy Food For All

The Healthy Food For All Work Group supports policy and system changes to enhance access to healthy foods in Douglas County. The work group welcomes participation from a diverse group of individuals and organizations interested in and affected by food insecurity in Douglas County.

A nutritious diet promotes health and prevents disease. Evidence suggests that very few Douglas County residents are able to eat an optimal diet. Fewer than 1 in 5 residents regularly consume the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables. For many the reason is affordability and availability.

We’re working to change that through collaboration with local food pantries, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, local food growers and businesses. We want to develop systems that make fresh, healthy food more accessible to families. 

Our goal is to ensure residents of Douglas County have quality and consistent access to healthy foods.

The Work Group supports efforts to:

  • Increase fruit and vegetable access and consumption for all residents of Douglas County 
  • Reduce the overall household food insecurity rate in Douglas County
  • Remove barriers to and strengthening public food assistance programs
  • Ensure adequate transportation to food access points
  • Establish waste minimizing practices and policies
  • Grow hunger and health initiatives to enhance integration of social services and health care
  • Support local growers through community gardens, farmers markets, and education about growing your own food
  • Increase and advocate for improved Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit through efforts including dollar for dollar matching programs, community-wide campaigns that destigmatize food assistance and improve understanding of the benefits of participation
  • Support increasing equity in the Common Ground program and land
  • Promote and advocate for changes in local food bank and pantry policies and practices that improve the nutrition and health status of communities

Recent Workgroup Accomplishments

Healthy Food for All is working with multiple community partners, including area food banks and food pantries, to ensure the availability of fresh, healthy foods to those needing emergency food assistance.

LiveWell Annual Celebration Breakfast Awards

As part of its annual celebration, on Friday, November 19, 2022 the LiveWell Douglas County coalition awarded Culture of Health Action Awards to both coalition members and community partners whose efforts have helped improve the health and well-being of Douglas County residents. 

Mary-Jane Hoffer of the Lecompton Church was honored for her efforts to ensure emergency food assistance is available to residents of Lecompton.


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Work Group Leadership

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  2. SVP 2023 Culture of Health Champion

    The 2023 LiveWell Douglas County Sexual Violence Prevention Culture of Health Champion is Margot Self. Margot serves as the community advocacy program manager in Douglas County at the Willow Domestic Violence Center. Read on...
  3. Celebrating Partnerships and Better Health in Douglas County

    LiveWell Douglas County and the Douglas County Community Foundation gathered to celebrate community partners working to improve health and well-being in Douglas County on November 17, 2023. Read on...
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