Whether it’s behind a desk, under the hood of a car or deep in the wheat fields, Americans spend at least 1/2 of their waking hours at their places of work. Health expenditures are estimated to skyrocket to $4.1 trillion by the year 2016. In light of those facts, it’s more important than ever for workplaces to encourage healthy lifestyles for their employees-both on and off the job.

WorkWell Lawrence is a grantee of LiveWell Lawrence, a community health initiative, funded by the Kansas Health Foundation. WorkWell Lawrence with team members from government agencies, private organizations and local businesses. The team is charged with designing and implementing a “results-oriented” community wellness initiative aimed at supporting employer efforts to promote healthier eating and increased physical activity through people, programs, and policies.

Lawrence businesses valuing and supporting a culture of health in the workplace.

WorkWell Lawrence builds connections that promotes a workplace culture of health by sharing results-oriented wellness best practices.